Hifu Treatment

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) has a long and impressive history of efficiency within the medical industry, and now the same technology is being applied to advanced facelift and body sculpting treatments.

Though there are many non-surgical facelift treatments which can effectively target the top layers of the skin (the superficial dermis), HIFU is unique in its ability to target focus points at multiple depths beneath the surface, including the dermis, right down the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), which is the layer adjusted by surgeons during a traditional facelift.

Eye Lift
Brow Lift
Jaw Lift
Neck Lift
Upper Facelift
Lower Facelift
Full Face
Full Face and Neck
Full Face, Neck & Décolletage
Underneath of upper arms
Abdomen (above belly Button)
Lower Stomach (under belly button)
Full stomach area
Outer tights
Inner tights
Both Inner and outer tights

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